Burlap & Denim Rustic Wreath

Burlap & Denim Rustic Wreath

January 8, 2020 0 By The Ribbon Roll

Recently, I had the privilege to help out a very close friend of mine with her local dog rescue.  She was hosting a fundraising event to help raise money to rescue local dogs, namely dachshunds, from a “high kill” facility here on island.  She had mentioned she was putting together gift baskets to be auctioned off.  Since I was unable to commit to a donation last year, I decided I would absolutely do it this year.  She’s a big fan of my wreaths so I knew I had the perfect idea in mind.

The thing about burlap wreaths are they are so versatile.  They can be made to go with just about any home décor style and are “low-key” enough to seamlessly blend in anywhere.  Not mention, they are super easy to make, literally two to three steps are all it takes to put this bad boy together!

Step 1:  Take your first ribbon you plan to use and tie it to the wire wreath form.  Make sure the knot is at the back of the form.  Pull it as tight as you can without damaging the ribbon.

Step 2:  Make a loop and feed the loop up through the wreath form from the back.  Don’t pull the ribbon all the way through.  Make another loop and pull it through a different section of the form. 

Step 3:  After you have the desired number of loops of your first ribbon pulled through, repeat step one with another ribbon.  Continue alternating your ribbon loops however many times you like until you see your design starting to come together.  Once you get three or four loops together, push them all toward the beginning of your wreath.  You want to make sure you have a nice, tight grouping of loops.  This will not only make your wreath nice and full, but it helps to prevent the loops from falling out of the form.  Once you have completed your wreath loops, secure your loose ends with some hot glue. 

Step 4:  Apply your focal point.  This can be a bow, florals (though I recommend adding those before doing the loops), or an initial.  I chose to do a bow and found any number of tutorials here on this blog or on the internet. 

This is a wreath you can definitely get done in less than a day.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, it makes the perfect heartfelt handmade gift.

Supply List:

Laced Burlap Wired Edge

Stewart Linen Wired Edge

• 18” wire wreath form

• Hot glue

By Chrissy Colon