Christmas in July – Buffalo Plaid Wreath

Christmas in July – Buffalo Plaid Wreath

July 9, 2019 1 By The Ribbon Roll

Between decorations, cards, and gifts, it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. If you’re someone who wants to plan early for Christmas but never have the time to make it happen, here is a wreath tutorial for you to follow. This is a great wreath to make with the kiddos if you’ve got a few helpers running around during the summer break.


• Metal wreath ring

Red Buffalo Plaid Twill Wired Edge Ribbon

Burlap Loose Weave Wired Edge Ribbon

Gingham Check Stitched Grande

• Embellishments and accessories for your wreath

Optional: adhesive

The best thing about this ribbon wreath technique (and most other ribbon wreath techniques) is you can use any color combination your heart desires. As long as you’re using a thick width, wire edged ribbon for this project, you can use any material ribbon as well. 

How To:

  1. Cut your ribbon into 14” long pieces. For this project, I used a 10-yard spool and had few feet left over.
  2. Tie your ribbon pieces around the wreath ring. I chose to alternate colors for my wreath, but feel free to be as creative as you want. 
  3. I continue tying ribbon around the ring until the entire ring is covered. As you can see, I started with the front rings first then moved to the back. It might be easier for you to start from the back to the front. There’s no right or wrong way to do this.
  4. Once your wreath is done, it’s time to decorate. I used a small garland I’ve had laying around for the center of the wreath, floral pieces, and of course, more ribbon.

Now that we’ve gotten a head start on Christmas, it’s time to go back and enjoy summer! Don’t forget to share with us your wreath using this technique. 

By Marie Otake