Classic Gift Bows With Ribbon

Classic Gift Bows With Ribbon

December 19, 2018 0 By The Ribbon Roll

Given the choice between a store bought paper bow and making a beautiful bow by hand, a handcrafted bow wins every time in my book.  Today I’m sharing an easy project that takes a classic multi-point bow up a notch using ribbon.

Supply List:


Step 1: Cut (4) 10″ strips, (4) 9″ strips and (1) 3 1/2” strip of your ribbon. Using two different lengths of ribbon will make the top layer of the bow a little smaller than the bottom layer.

Step 2: Loop the right side of your ribbon up and around to the center. Put a small dot of hot glue and press the end down.

Step 3: Loop the left side of your ribbon down and around to the center. Put a small dot of hot glue and press the end down.  See photo below.

Step 4: Repeat the same steps as above with each of your 10″ and  9” ribbon pieces.

Step 5: Place a small dot of glue in the center of your first set of loops.  Place another set of loops on the glue dot. Make sure you have the centers lined up.

Step 7: Continue gluing each set of loops onto the center of the bow. You want your loops staggered, so don’t glue the loops right above another set of loops.

Step 8: Take your 3 1/2″ piece of ribbon and fold it into a circle, overlapping the ends.  Use a dot of glue to secure the ends.

Step 9: Glue the circle into the center of your bow.

Step 10: Glue a 1.75″ paper circle to the back of your bow. This creates a solid base to attach the bow to a gift.

Classic ribbon bows are great to use on Christmas gifts but you can also make them using everyday ribbon for any gift occasion.

I used 1 3/8” Velvet Merrowed Wired Edge Ribbon to make the blue bow and since the ribbon is wider, I only used 4 strips of ribbon plus the center loop.

Tip:  You can use a variety of ribbon styles to make these classic bows including both wired edge and non-wired edge.  For larger bows, use ribbon 1 1/2” or wider.

My favorite Christmas ribbon for this project:


My favorite Everyday ribbon for this project:


By Shelly Dozier-McKee