Disneybounding – Disney Princess  Inspired Hair Bows

Disneybounding – Disney Princess Inspired Hair Bows

April 17, 2019 1 By The Ribbon Roll

Disneybounding is a new twist to dressing up as your favorite Disney Character. Instead of wearing a full costume, you take stylish, everyday clothing inspired by your favorite character to complete the look. Nothing says Disney more than big bows, so I combed through The Ribbon Roll Inventory to make Disney Princess inspired hair bows. Can you guess which princess inspired each bow?


• Bow Maker

• Thread

• Metal hair clip

The Ribbon Roll Ribbon

How to make your bows:

Step 1: Using your bow maker to keep the ribbon in place, accordion fold the ribbon to the desired bow size.

Step 2: Layer additional ribbon using different sizes, colors, and textures.

Step 3: Wrap thread around the pinched section of the bow to secure the ribbon.

Step 4: Wrap a thin width ribbon around to cover the thred.

Step 5: Using the same piece of thin ribbon, secure the metal hair clip to the bow.

Feel free to use glue adhere the clip to the bow.

This project was easy and fun to make. I may just have to do a part two to make bows inspired by the other princesses. Can you recognize which princesses these bows were inspired by?

By Marie Otake