Halloween Witch Hat Wreath

Halloween Witch Hat Wreath

October 16, 2019 0 By The Ribbon Roll

Halloween is one of those holidays that I never seem to be prepared for.  Since I don’t do a lot of decorating for Halloween, I tend to forget to pull out the one or two decor pieces that I had.  This year I decided to be prepared and crafted this fun and whimsical Witch Hat Wreath using festive ribbons from The Ribbon Roll.

This wreath was super easy to make and only required few supplies.

Supply List:

Flat Back Witch Hat—I found a flat back witch hat at the Dollar Store and striped off the black garland that came on the hat.  I was left with the plastic witch hat form.


1.5” w Grosgrain Stripes in Black

6” w Glitter Tulle in Purple

6” w Glitter Tulle in Orange

6” w Glitter Tule in Black

1 7/8” Single Face Satin in Orange

• Black Pipe Cleaners (you’ll want to cut the pipe cleaners in half to create shorter pieces)

• Silver Tinsel Pom Poms

• Black Fur Pom Pom

• Hot Glue Gun

Step 1:  Cover the top of the hat, from tip to base of brim with orange ribbon.  I tied my ribbon onto the form at the top tip and wrapped the ribbon around the entire top until it was completely covered.  Tie the end of the ribbon to the back of the hat form to secure it.

Step 2:  Cut several pieces of each color of tulle into 12” lengths.  Fold the ends of one piece of orange tulle towards the center of the piece to create a bow and hold the bow together by pinching your fingers.  Repeat with a black and purple piece of tulle.

Once you have three pieces of tulle (one of each color), group them together and use a pipe cleaner to secure them together.

Continue making tulle bundles.  You’ll need approximately 20 bundles to cover the brim of the hat form.

Step 3:  Tie the tulle bundles onto the base of the hat form until it is completely covered.  Optional:  you can hot glue silver tinsel pom pom randomly on the brim of the hat to give it a little more sparkle and whimsy.

Step 4:  Create a tulle bundle to tie to the tip of the hat.  I added in some of my black and white striped ribbon for a little contrast and glued a black fur pom pom in the center as the finishing touch.  Secure the tulle onto the tip with a pipe cleaner.

Step 5:  Download a witch leg template and trace onto poster board and thick cardstock. Decorate the legs to coordinate with your hat.  I decorated my legs using markers and ribbon so that they had dimension.

Once the legs are decorated, punch a couple of small holes into the top of the legs and use pipe cleaners to attach them under the brim of the hat.

That’s a wrap!  I can’t wait to hang my hat on the front door to welcome trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

By Shelly Dozier-McKee