Make a Witch’s Hat With Ribbon & Poster Board

Make a Witch’s Hat With Ribbon & Poster Board

October 15, 2018 1 By The Ribbon Roll

I’ve always loved using ribbon for my craft projects because of its versatility. You can create a project with ribbon alone, or you can use ribbon as an embellishment to other projects. I also love coming up with new and different ways to use ribbon, and this witch’s hat is not an exception.


• 4” Single Face Black Satin Ribbon

• 2.5” Trick or Treat Wired Edge Ribbon

• 2.5” Halloween Dot Wired Edge Ribbon

• 2 poster boards

• Glue gun and glue sticks


How To:

Step 1. Cut two large circles out of poster paper.

Step 2. With one of the circles, create a cone for the hat’s crown.

Step 3. On the second circle, use the base of the crown to create a smaller circle in the middle. Cut the smaller circle out, so you have a donut for the hat’s brim.

Step 4. Now let’s ribbonize! Wrap the satin ribbon around the brim until then tire brim is covered.

Step 5. Wrap the cone in satin in the ribbon, from the tip to the bottom. As you’re wrapping the ribbon around, make sure you twist the ribbon slightly to create texture.

Step 6. Glue the brim and the crown together to form the hat.

Step 7. Let’s decorate! I used one of the decorative ribbon to create a band around the base of the crown and another ribbon for the bow.

Now it’s time to have fun with the witch’s hat! You can use the hat as table decoration, you can add a string to it and hang as a wreath, or wear it as a hat.

By Marie Otake