No Carve Halloween Pumpkins With Ribbon

No Carve Halloween Pumpkins With Ribbon

October 8, 2018 1 By The Ribbon Roll

My days of carving pumpkins has longed passed and now I look for more creative and easy way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.  Today I’m going to show you how to create stylish pumpkins using Halloween themed ribbon and a few other craft supplies.



The Ribbon Roll Ribbons: 6 to 8 different styles of ribbons in Halloween colors. I used the following styles to create my pumpkins:

• 5/8” Gingham Check in black

• 7/8” Chevron Twill Tape in black

• 7/8” Linen Touch Mono in orange

• 1 1/2” Asprin Dot Grosgrain in black/white

• 1 3/8” Chevron Soft Satin in orange

• 3/8” Grosgrain Saddle Stitch in White

• 5/8” Glitter All in orange

• 3/4” Cotton Medium Weight Twill in black

• 1 1/2” Dot Sheer Fest Wired Edge in orange

• 1 5/8” Beaded Lace in black

• 7/8” Halloween Grosgrain Stripe in orange/black

tip:  if you’re shopping for a specific ribbon, you can search by theme, pattern or material on The Ribbon Roll site to narrow your selection.

• Faux Pumpkins in various sizes

• Paper Mache Witches Hat

• Removable Glue Dots


Step 1: 

Paint your paper mache witches hat using craft paint.  If you want something more creative, cover the hat with decorative scrapbook paper, add embellishments like glitter, feathers or Halloween themed washi tape.  I painted my hat black.

Step 2:

Cut your ribbon in to different lengths—ranging from 6” to 10” long


Step 3:

Attach the ribbon at the base of the pumpkin stems using the glue dots.  Place different ribbon patterns and ribbon lengths next to each other so the ribbon arrangement is not uniform.

Step 4:

Using glue dots, attach ribbon on the rim of the witch’s hat in a scalloped pattern.  Place the place the hat on top of the tallest pumpkins.

There are so many great Halloween themed ribbons available from the Ribbon Roll so let your imagination run wild and have fun making these ribbon pumpkins for your decor.

By Shelly Dozier-Mckee