Ribbon & Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece

Ribbon & Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece

September 24, 2018 2 By The Ribbon Roll

Making a fall centerpiece doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult.  With just a few elements you can create a beautiful arrangement you can have on display from now through Thanksgiving.

Here’s how I made this lush centerpiece using ribbon, faux pumpkins and a few floral pics.


Supply List:

• Assorted ribbon in fall colors. The Ribbon Roll has a great selection of ribbons so you can create any color palette that works with your decor.  I wanted a neutral look so the ribbons I used fit that theme.

2 1/2” Plaid Dupioni Green Wired Edge Ribbon

2 1/2” Mid Stripe Burlap Wired Edge Ribbon

2 1/2” Burlap Ribbon

1 1/2” Burlap Weave Small Wired Edge Ribbon

• Decorative Tray—this will serve as the base upon which you’ll build your arrangement. If you don’t have a tray on hand you could use a dinner plate or small baking pan—you just want a low, flat surface.

•Faux pumpkins in different sizes and colors. The number of pumpkins you’ll need will depend on the size of the arrangement you want to make and how full you want it to be.

• Floral Wire

• One block of floral foam

Before you begin building your centerpiece you’ll want to make a handful of ribbon pics that you’ll stick into the arrangement.  Cut ribbon into 12” lengths and form a loose loop or bows with a single tail.

After you make your ribbon pics, begin building your arrangement by placing the foam block in the center of your tray.  Use tape to secure the block in place.

Next, place a larger pumpkin on top of the foam.  This will be the peak of the arrangement.

Place your greenery pics or pods on the right and left side of the tray, securing the stems in the floral form.

Then start placing the small pumpkins around the foam tucking ribbon pics in various spots amongst the pumpkins.

Stand back and tweak the arrangement as needed.

The Ribbon Roll makes it easy to shop for ribbons for all your seasonal projects.  Shop by theme, color, material or pattern to find the perfect ribbons.


By Shelly Dozier-Mckee