Spring Picture Frame Wreath

Spring Picture Frame Wreath

March 20, 2019 0 By The Ribbon Roll

I love hanging a different wreath on my front door each season and usually opt for one that’s a little out of the ordinary.  For Christmas, I hung this embroidery hoop ribbon wreath that I made by hand.

This spring, I wanted to make a special wreath to usher in the season.  Just like I did for Christmas, I created my wreath using a non-traditional wreath form…a rectangular picture frame.   Here’s how I made my Picture Frame & Ribbon Wreath and the supplies I used.

Supply List:

• Rectangular Picture Frame—you can find inexpensive frames at a thrift store or in the discount section of your favorite hobby store.  I bought my frame at Hobby Lobby for just $4.00 on clearance.

Burlap Colored Wired Edge

Plaid Bright 3 Value Wired Edge Ribbon

Dot Delight 2 Value Wired Edge

• Faux Flowers—you’ll need one or two bunches of flowers with about 4 to 6 flowers on each.  You can use any type of flower you like, however if you use smaller flowers you might need more.

• Faux Greenery—one bunch of leaves works great for this project.  Pick a leaf variety that works with your flowers.

• Wood Welcome Sign

• Hot Glue Gun and Glue

• Scissors or Garden Clippers

• Burlap Twine

• Craft paint or wood stain (optional)

Before I started assembling  the wreath, I prepared all of the components that I will be adding to the frame.

Prep The Supplies:

First, I pulled the flower heads off the bundle so there was just a tiny stub at the base of each flower.

Then, I pulled the leaf bunch apart creating a handful of small leaf clusters.

I cut a length of burlap ribbon about 20” long, used twine and pinched it together every 5 inches.  The pinched sections are where the ribbon will be glued to the frame.

I stained my WELCOME sign so it was a warm tone like the picture frame.

It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to make my wreath once all the components were ready.

How To Make The Wreath:

Step 1: I attached the burlap ribbon to the frame in a random, zig zag pattern. I glued the pinched points to the frame using my hot glue gun and pull the rest of the ribbon up to create my peaks.

Step 2:  I glued flowers, leaves and loops of my plaid ribbon at each pinch point.

tip:  make sure to position your leaves and flowers in different directions along the frame so it has a natural feel.

Step 3: Once the ribbon, flowers and ribbon were attached, I glued the welcome sign in the center of the frame.  My sign fit perfect from edge to edge on my frame. 

Once the weather warms up a bit, I’ll hang my wreath on the front door and welcome spring in style. 

By Shelly Dozier-McKee